Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-Pound Expressbake Cheap Bread maker

Cheap Bread Maker — Oster Expressbake Bread Maker

Bread is a common staple that tops the list of our breakfast items. Similarly, a bread machine is not essentially a luxury product. While there are many consumers who are ready to spend a lot to purchase high-end breadmakers, the number of users who have only a tight budget to get the machine is quite large. So, the increasing demand for cheap bread makers necessitates the introduction to a wide array of such units which offer a myriad of features. When it comes to a bread maker, spending only 100 bucks seems quite enough, doesn’t it? When this affordable machine offers many of the features offered by expensive units, consumers will probably look for the machines that are reasonably priced. With these consumer behavior incorporated into the core of the manufacturing process, Oster Express bake Bread maker emerges as a highly rated and attractive bread machine with an unflinching promise great quality baking of bread and delicious taste.

Cheap Bread Maker

Cheap Bread Maker


It is true that modern people with their busyness with a lot of commitments cannot spend much time to knead bread or clean a few spoons and bowls every time as they prepare bread dough. The time needed to bake bread may also make today’s busy individuals feel the necessity of having a bread maker and use it to bake bread.With precisely designed settings and interesting recipes, the Oster CKSTBRTW20 requires you to make a budget that is below 100 bucks.Hopefully, the unit will get you started baking bread and enjoy the delicious taste of properly baked bread every time. All Whole Wheat, Quick, Dough, Sweet cycles have been arranged in a way that they work appropriately with mechanical precision.

Which special features are worth the price of the machine?

The bread maker requires users to follow some easy steps. As you load the bread pan with ingredients inside and the kneading paddle, you should close the lid. Then, you should plug in the bread machine. There are 12 settings available for you to choose from.You will love to have a wide variety of recipes which are available for all 12 menu programs. The kneading blade is a vital part that bakes the dough into the loaf. It is probably best to let it bake into the loaf. In order to remove the kneading blade, you can use the unit’s removal tool, which will let you remove the paddle from the finally baked loaf.After putting the tool’s hooked end into its kneading paddle, you should pull it out quite slowly and gently.Made of aluminum and carefully coated with a Teflon nonstick coating, the bread pan is also removable. When you need to clean the pan, you can just rinse it with water and wipe it dry.Use of metal utensils will prove harmful as they will leave scratches onto the nonstick surface. You can try using some good options like plastic or wood utensils as they will not leave any scratch provided you use them gently.


The loaf pan which comes in a fairly rectangular shape will provide a 2-lb loaf which will come out in quite a tall shape. Because of this reason, you can call it a machine that provides vertical bread loaf. Unlike traditional bread makers, this unit will not bake bread in a long oven pan. The glass viewing window offers an excellent way to use the machine. You should not open the lid or touch the viewing window when the baking process is ongoing since the lid or the window gets too hot for you to endure. The remaining sides of the machine will stay cool during the baking step.

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What are the downsides of the bread maker?

The biggest issue which may dishearten you is the machine’s relatively modest settings and features. Unfortunately, you will not be notified by any signal or a reminder, which is helpful for you to know when is the best time to remove the blade prior to the initialization of the baking process.While removing the paddle, the process may leave some small holes in your loaf, but those cannot be the deal breakers since the bread will still remain edible.The baking step produces heat, and a little amount of the heat is technically lost through the window, and thereby, causing the bread’s top to get a light crust color unlike the bread’s bottom. To know more about this bread machine, watch this video carefully:


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